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United States
Holy Oak Bodywork
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March 03, 2018
Licensed Massage Therapist, Usui & Fire Reiki Master Therapist, Nationally Certified American Sign Language Interpreter
Certified Biofield Tuner and Researcher
I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. I have also served as a Body and Light Worker, Biofield Researcher and Nationally Certified American Sign Language Interpreter.

I employ several modalities to help bring clients back into their natural state of coherence and optimal functioning. In addition to Usui & Fire Reiki and massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stone), I also offer Biofield Tuning (BT). In BT, I use weighted and unweighted tuning forks to detect and address energetic/electrical imbalances in the bio/auric field; reintegrating them through the chakras which brings presence and equilibrium back into the body and field. In bodywork, I use the weighted forks to enhance massage, address trigger points and areas of discomfort, and/or to establish a deeper sense of relaxation.

I also offer a combination package consisting of Biofield Tuning and a 75 minute Swedish Massage, to help integrate the frequencies and ground the mind in the body.

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