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Alyse Korn


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November 11, 2019
Doctoral Candidate in Jazz Studies, Master of Fine Arts/Jazz Piano and World Music, Bachelor of Music/Studio Music and Jazz, Registered Suzuki Method Piano and Early Childhood Music Teacher, Certified Sound Healing and Therapy Practitioner, Evidential Psychic and Medium, Egyptian Reyad Sekh Em Reiki Practitioner, Usui Reiki / Crystal Reiki / Animal Reki Master/Teacher, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Ceremony Facilitator, Sacred Sound and Breath Meditation Teacher, Alexander Technique Practitioner, Approved Tutor in Angela McGerr Angelology, Heart and Soul Quest Courses and Workshops.
Welcome! I am passionate about helping people find ease, balance, peace of mind and creative flow through sound, frequency and vibration. I am a professional musician, performer, composer, music teacher, certified Sound Healer and Biofield Tuning practitioner.

My rich and diverse background and training gives me the ability to meet people where they are, and to create and hold space for them to deeply relax and reorganize their energy patterns into fuel that inspires and empowers them to be their most vibrant expression of wellness.

Biofield Tuning is simple, easy and deeply powerful. Whether you are stressed out, in pain, anxious, seeking optimal heath, or can’t seem to get back in “the zone”, I can assist you. The tuning forks work with your body to help your body release, balance and bring coherence to the field. When you raise your voltage, your life and health will shift.

With this therapeutic approach, many of my clients are reporting profound mental and physical shifts, improved quality of sleep, greater mental focus and clarity, a more balanced emotional state, relief of physical pain and muscle tension as well as an increase in daily productivity.

It would be my honor to be a part of your journey to manifest wellness and peace in your body, mind, and spirit. I can also apply Biofield Tuning to your business, projects and beloved pets!

I facilitate individual and group sessions in-person or via phone/internet from Ojai, California. See my website for more information or email me. I wish you blessings and peace on your journey.

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